Mind Nudge

SEO and Consumer Psychology Consulting in Manchester, Leeds

SEO is the most cost-effective means of acquiring customers and SEO success depends on a blend of technical optimisation, content and consumer signals. 

Consumer Psychology provides insights into the behaviours that drive these consumer signals. Questions such as: How can I get peoples attention? How can I get more people to share my content online? How can I get more people to buy my product/service?

By combining over 15 years of SEO experience in competitive industries with the latest Consumer Psychology research insights, I provide SEO and Consumer Psychology consulting services that help businesses achieve their goals more effectively.

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Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

Optimising your content for discovery and conversion are vital to ensure your website enjoys the SEO success it deserves. My industry knowledge and experience combined with Consumer behaviour insights can help you to target your customers more effectively.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Improving your site conversion rate benefits your business profitability and helps your users complete their tasks. As well as any technical factors that may be affecting conversion, I can identify potential conversion improvement opportunities from a consumer psychology perspective.

Content Marketing

Understanding the factors that increase virality and brand deliverables from a psychology perspective enables me to provide content design recommendations that maximise the ROI from your spend on content marketing. Content containing the right psychological levers is more than 30% more likely to be shared than content without these.